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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Game Day

Day #637 Jambe-de-Bois / Brasserie De La Senne
Previously from this brewery: Zinnebir way back when

Today is Penn State's home opener against Eastern Michigan.  Therefore, prepare to be astounded by how quick & dirty this post is.  Well, more quick than dirty, but let's face it - we all would rather be watching football right now.

Up today is a glass of Jambe-de-Bois, from De La Senne.  This tripel has a gold hue and gives off a big aroma of fresh fruit (mostly banana).  The taste has a malt sweetness, and some hops for balance, but the big floral and fruit notes steal the show.  Plenty of banana and apple, with some spice in there as well.  It's a touch boozy; you notice the 8% ABV more than I anticipated.  Nice beer, well worth your time.
The name of the beer translates from French to English as "Wooden Leg."  Sounds about right, as there's a peg-legged character on their website.  This beer may have something to do with the Belgian revolution, but I have neither the time nor the ability to speak French to find out for sure.  So... there you have it.

Thing to Think About Today:
Maybe I need a pump up video.  Beaver Stadium, see you soon.

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