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Friday, September 27, 2013

Bottle Service

Day #657 Dark White / Brasserie Fantome, Soy, Belgium
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I'm tired.  A long week is finally over.  The end.

Well, the end of the complaining, not the post.  Today's beer is a Belgian, which was oddly completely impossible to find in Belgium.  Let me explain.  In every town I went to, there were beer bars and beer shops, all of which stocked some of the most wonderful beers the world has ever seen.  However, without fail, not a single one of them stocked any Brasserie Fantome.  The closest I came to finding it was a bar in Bruges that had empty bottles and glassware on display from every beer (or so they claim) made in Belgium. An empty bottle.... that's all.  No fair.  I mean, Kristof, the owner of Brouwerij Fort Lapin said that if he could only drink one beer from Belgium (besides his own), he'd drink Fantome.  And yet... empty handed.

However, while you can't find this beer in Belgium (at least in Flanders), you can find beers from Fantome at Teresa's Next Door in Wayne, PA. Fairly odd, but apparently they ship most of their product overseas, where there's an eager audience just waiting for it.  Works for me.
Seriously, behind glass
In case of emergency, break glass
This bottle of Dark White poured with an amber color, and a good sized fluffy white head.  There's a sour, citrus aroma.  I wish I could just sit and inhale this aroma all day; make a cologne from it, perhaps.  When you take a sip, there's a delightful sour quality, with good floral flavors and a big peppery spice bite on the finish.  Refreshing and interesting.  Is it as good as the standard issue Saison?  Maybe not, but that might be my favorite beer in the world, so this one is still pretty amazing.

There's a "BBB" one the label to shout out the Burgundian Babble Belt, a group of beer connoisseurs in Belgium who have spread around the world.  This beer was a special project for BBB; first released in 2006 to raise funds for a sick child in France.

Thing to Think About Today:
Hard to find bottle?  John Mayer covering Message in a Bottle.  Good night, and sleep tight!

"I hope that someone gets my/message in a bottle...."

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