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Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 422: Sly Fox Brewing Co.

As promised, this is the second installment of my Chester County (Pennsylvania) beer tour. I'm obviously doing this in no particular order. I started in the middle, went to the last stop and perhaps on Tuesday you'll hear how it all began.

We wrapped up the tour at Sly Fox Brewing Company. As much as I lamented the lack of bars and restaurants in yesterday's post, Sly Fox was brewing great beer and serving up excellent food when we lived not far from their original location in a shopping plaza in Phoenixville.  They've since moved and now a new brewer is in their old digs (Note to self: Visit new brewer in old digs.)

I wanted to love the new location. Honestly it's only new to me. They've been on Route 113 in Phoenixville since 2010, but for whatever reason I'm only now getting there. So much beer. So little time. But I digress. The Brewpub and Eatery is just not doing it for me. It felt cold and impersonal--not at all what I was used to at their old place. That one had a fun, fox hunt clubby vibe. Lucky for me, their beer did not disappoint.

That is the Chester County Bitter--an English bitter ale--after being poured from the hand pump. It showed an orangey amber color with a thick, exceptional white head. The smell is honey and biscuits. It tastes like a creamy, honey-infused IPA. Quite delicious. Big mouthfeel. It brings it home with a mildly bitter finish. Overall a good beer that's never disappointed me.

Beer stats 
Style: English Bitter
ABV: 4.5%
IBUs: 38
Rating: Good

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