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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Post with Katy Perry's Boobs

Day #429 Independence Pale Ale / Independence Brewing Company, Austin, TX
Previously from this brewery: My thoughts on their Stash IPA

My goal for the evening: at least eight hours of sleep.  I spent the weekend dog-sitting for a friend; a task I love doing, but adding in a new dog disrupts the schedule our hounds like to keep, which in turn means I get to be awake more often than not during the hours I'd otherwise be sleeping.  Add in me staying up to watch the Grammys last night and a workout at the gym after work today.... and I'm thinking of creative ways to get that eight hours of sleep up to ten or so.  I'll keep you posted, I'm sure you all can't wait to hear about me and my problems each day.  I kid.

My thoughts on the Grammys in no particular order:
1. The whole "straight down bangs" trend on girls really needs to end.  It's not a good look, and it's time to move on.  Looking at you, Taylor Swift and everyone else who thought this was a good idea.  Stop it and fix your bangs.  Please, I implore you.
2. How do you have Prince show up and not play something?  And how comfortable in his skin is Prince that he just strolls up to the mic and without saying anything, just announces the nominees.
3. Instead of using his time to thank anyone, Jay Z decided to make fun of the dude who showed up not in a tux, but rather in a track suit with a bandana.  Classy, Jay Z.  Classy.
4. Best two performances were the Black Keys with Dr. John and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Jack White with whoever he was playing with.  Even though I'm not sure Dr. John was actually playing anything, although it was hard to tell with his.... um, pelt?
5. I would kill someone for that pelt, or headdress, or whatever you want to call it.  I'd wear that to work, and dare someone to tell me it wasn't "business appropriate".
6. I haven't figured out Frank Ocean yet.  I guess that might be normal for someone of my advanced age, but I'll see what I can do to fix that.  Anyone who is willing to get in a fight with a piece of shit like Chris Brown over a parking spot is good in my book.
7. My goodness, Katy Perry.  Ahem.... call me?
Ellen DeGeneres is just doing what we all did,
although she was MUCH closer when she did it.  Lucky!
Enough ramblings.  Tonight's beer is one from a recent trip to Texas, the Independence Pale Ale from Indepenence Brewing Company.  This one came in the bottle, so I have no idea what it looked or smelled like, really.  Side note: if you're in Austin, stay at the Kimber Modern.  Why?  Free beer in the kitchen/living room area.  That's why.  When I drank this free beer, I found an earthy and dry taste, with ample lemon and pine.  Not too bitter courtesy of the caramel malt, and definitely worth a sample if you're ever in Austin.
I guess technically the beer wasn't free, as I did pay for the hotel room.  But I didn't hand a bartender any money, so I still count it as free.  It works for me.

Thing to Think About Today:
Dear CBS,
Thanks for putting your content on Youtube so that people can re-watch Grammy performances from last night.  Oh... wait.  You didn't do that because your company sucks out loud.  Instead, readers of this blog can enjoy the copy some random dude pulled from his television.  Where the quality and sound suck.  Again, thanks, CBS.  Lonely Boy from the Black Keys, in all their Zapruder film glory, coming right up:

"I got a love that keeps me waiting...."

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