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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wrecker? Didn't Know Her.

Day #437 Palate Wrecker / Green Flash Brewing Company, San Diego, CA
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The worst part of returning to work after a three day weekend is without a doubt having to do two days worth of work in one day.  More like two and a half, as no one was really doing much work on Friday afternoon.  Such is life.  I did get an awesome belated Valentine's Day card in the mail today.  It was awesome because it came from Southwest Airlines and included four free drink coupons.  I feel loved.  There was also talk at work of scheduling some team building at an upcoming Phillies game, which is a sure sign that spring will be here sooner than later - can't wait!!!

Today's review is the Palate Wrecker, an Imperial IPA from Green Flash, which I had on draft at TJ's a while back.  This beer has a clear, dark copper hue, and your nose is welcomed by a huge citrus aromas, with some woodsy pine in there as well.  When you take a sip, you get a dry, earthy beer with abundant pineapple and lemon flavors, with an herbal, earthy quality from the pine.  It wraps up with a dry finish filled with bitterness.  If this beer was a superhero, it's name would be Super Hops, and it would fight crime and save the day and be delicious.  This one is a must try for the hop lovers out there, without a doubt.
It's not green, it's Green Flash!

This brewery was awarded the prestigious Best Brewery Visit award from the original 366 challenge.  Congrats!  I also reviewed this brewery after eating lunch at Slater's 50/50, still the greatest cheeseburger I have ever eaten in all my life.  I miss it greatly.  San Diego is stupid for being so far away.

Thing to Think About Today:
Palate Wrecker.... met Wreckx-n-Effect.  That seems to go well together, no?  Time to relive the 90's, because I'm dropping Rump Shaker on you all!


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