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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Day #556 Summer Love / Victory Brewing Company, Downingtown, PA
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The "World's Greatest Rock & Roll Band" is coming to town today, as The Rolling Stones continue to thumb their nose at Father Time, conventional wisdom, and the notion that drugs are bad by powering through their incredibly successful 50th anniversary tour.  As many friends and frequent readers might know, I've been a huge Stones fan since I was in high school, and I've been fortunate enough to see all of their recent tours in their over the top, excess filled, Brobdignagian glory.  For those who have never attended a Stones concert, allow me to suggest that there are Stones concerts.... and then there's everything else lumped into a battle for second place.  Yes, your favorite artist puts on a great show with super music and wonderful atmosphere, and no it's not anywhere the same as a Stones concert.  They aren't even events, they're cultural happenings - are an enormous melting pot of old and young, biker and investment banker.  I've seen things at Stones concerts that defy logic or explanation, to be honest.

And yet all of this doesn't explain why I'm not attending the show tonight.  A long while back I did make a half-hearted attempt to win a luxury box for one of the shows, but that didn't exactly pay off.  If anyone out there has an extra, let me know..... I'll bring the beer.  I have seen things at Stones concerts that defy logic or explanation, and I think me not being there tonight is one of them.

And speaking of beer, tonight's beer is Summer Love, a golden ale from Victory Brewing.  Brought this one home in a growler from an in-person visit for dinner a few weeks back.  In the glass, you see a clear gold color, and your nose finds aromas of grain, light citrus, and grass.  The taste is really solid, with a nice bit of biscuit, citrus, and light peppery spice.  It finishes dry, and is very refreshing.  Definitely a go-to beer for the warm, summer months.  Highly recommended.
V is for Very Good.
Thing to Think About Today:
The Rolling Stones have been featured no less than eight times in this closing space, as they always have something appropriate for us to think about.  You can check the past editions and revisit some great old blog posts by clicking here.  Tonight I leave you with a live version of Jumpin' Jack Flash from the 1998 Bridges to Babylon Tour (great tour, by the way).  You don't really get a total sense of the complete madness that happens in the audience from this video, but trust me... it's there.  And has been for the past 50 years.  Enjoy, and good night, people!

"But it's all right now...."

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