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Friday, June 14, 2013

Tiger, I Put Out Fresh Towels

Day #552 Sweet Action / Sixpoint Craft Ales, Brooklyn, NY
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Do any of you know Tiger Woods?  If so, do you know if he still needs a place to live for the 113th U.S. Open being held at Merion Golf Club, just around the corner (cough*six miles*cough) from my house?  We live near not one but two championship courses (Aronimink being the other), and in both cases I've read reports of people renting out their house to golfers or fans for the week for relatively handsome sums of money.  Seriously, Tiger, have your people call my people; they know my number.  There's a ton of beer in the fridge, nice flat screen in the study, and I can even provide two companion dogs if you want someone to cuddle with you after a bad round.  There's also a Hooters near the King of Prussia mall if you want someone to cuddle with you after a bad round if you *wink* know what I mean.  Either way, I can make it happen for you.  Some may say I should have started this campaign to get Tiger in my house months, if not years ago.  Perhaps you're right, seeing how Tiger doesn't seem to be replying to my emails.  Some may say I should live closer to the course, or have a bigger house, or many other things that would make my home enticing to professional golfers.  Whatevs, I say.  If Philadelphia miraculously wins a bid for a future Summer Olympics some day down the road, you're all invited over.  Bring your own towels, though - I'm not your maid.

Today's beer is a glass of Sweet Action from Sixpoint in Brooklyn.  This cream ale has a dull amber hue with a fluffy white head that really looked like marshmallow.  There's an aroma of light citrus and malt, and the taste has hops, with predominant flavors of citrus, and sweet malt in a perfect balance.  There's a very creamy texture, which isn't surprising considering the style of beer.  I can't quite figure this beer out in terms of flavors and aromas, but I know it tastes good and I like it.  What else do you really need?
Beer & marshmallow, it would seem
If you're in the market for a cream ale and can't find Sixpoint, I also suggest a Lancaster Brewing Country Cream Ale.  A style you don't see often, which sucks, because these beers are delicious.

Thing to Think About Today:
As if there's anything else even remotely possible for this space considering the U.S. Open golf tournament and some of the greatest players in the world are right around the corner (ahem) from my house and possibly sleeping over later this weekend.  No, no there is not.  Therefore, we close today with the legendary film Caddyshack.  Enjoy the best quotes in rapid fire order, and seriously Tiger, just return my damn calls!

"How 'bout a Fresca?"

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