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Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 545: Old Forge Irish Draught

I'm off to see The National this evening in the remnants of the first tropical storm of the season. I have my Wellies but I imagine I'll be saying, "The Wellies. They do nothing."  Kind of like McBain...

So if I don't post this weekend, I went out with the rain-swollen tide even though the concert venue isn't anywhere near beachfront!

To celebrate my last moments of dry conditions, let's talk beer. The Irish Draught from Old Forge Brewing.
I had this at the Bainbridge Street Barrel House in Philadelphia. I also figured out what was bothering me about that place. It's like a Crate and Barrel catalog with amazing beer. There was something strangely sterile about it. That being written, don't let it deter you. The beer list is AMAZING.

The Irish Draught is an Irish red ale that was served on nitro. It poured a crisp bright brown with a thick off-white head. It was very creamy and smooth with a tea-like flavor and some honey. There was a good balance between the malts and hops. It actually reminded me a lot of an ESB.

Beer stats
Style: Irish red
ABV: 4%
IBUs: Unknown
Rating: Great

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