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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

All Gold Everything

Day #542 Coronado Golden / Coronado Brewing Company, San Diego, CA
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The weather in Philadelphia was absurdly glorious today.  A great day to drive with your windows open and your head in the breeze.  You know.... like this:
Who let the dogs out?
The weather today felt more like San Diego than Philly, so I'll give you a beer from the West Coast to get in the proper mood.  Tonight's review is Coronado Golden, a pilsner from Coronado Brewing.  In the unnecessarily small glass (more on that later), it showed a pale straw color, with a thin white head.  There are light aromas of grain and bread, and when you take a sip, you find a refreshing mix of easy malt sweetness, bread, grass, and grain with the tiniest bit of hop bitterness.  Great beer for a sunny day... and from what I understand they get a few of those in San Diego.
Solid Gold
So Bainbridge Barrel House.... I get that it costs money to haul beer from San Diego some 2,750 miles to your front door.  However, selling a ten ounce pour of a session beer for $6.50?  That needs to be a bigger pour, guys.  C'mon!

Thing to Think About Today:
A golden beer and some golden weather deserves some, what, maybe Black Gold from Soul Asylum? Sure!  Great song to crank up when you roll down the windows.  Try it yourself and see what I mean!

"Won't you fill up the tank / let's go for a ride"

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