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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Day #554 Witte / Ommegang, 
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Hope you've all enjoyed a wonderful Father's Day today with your loved ones!  Courtesy of my brother-in-law and sister doing all the work in hosting a party, we had a great cookout and now I'm back home stuffed and too tired to write about beer.  But apparently not too tired to work the scanner, as I've been going through the archives to pull out choice pictures of me and my Dad from way back in the day.  Say for example:
Plaid suit, fur lined jacket... I was a four year old pimp!
Where's my cane?
I'm very thankful to have an awesome dad who taught me lessons about hard work, character, and doing the right thing.  I just wish I had half of his work ethic.  Plus, he (and my mom) got me on the path to being a huge Penn State fan as a child, which I greatly appreciate!!!  Good work, Dad.

In the spirit of the sunny day we had for the greater part of the afternoon, your beer review is a bottle of Witte from Ommegang.  This beer pours a pale, effervescent yellow with a wispy thin head.  Your nose finds aromas of cracker and grain, and when you take a sip you notice faint flavors of banana, clove, and bread.  This is a very light, very refreshing beer that still brings flavor that macro beers just can't seem to find. Definitely good for a warm summer day.
Thing to Think About Today:
I've been working hard to find a great song about Father's Day.... and I'm struggling.  You guys have any suggestions?  Most are about absentee dads or fathers who failed to measure up to the job description - not exactly what I'm trying to highlight here.  In lieu of something more appropriate, I will leave you with a song from my dad's era, Fortunate Son.  The lyrics don't work, but I guess that title fits, as I do feel fortunate. It will have to do, as I'm done here.  Happy Father's Day, all.

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