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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beer 31: Ommegang Aphrodite or Love is in the Air

If it weren't for Gary, I would eat scrambled eggs or cold cereal for dinner pretty much every night of the week.    After working until 7pm and then setting a land-speed record for getting home, I walked into the house to an awesome dinner that was moments away from coming out of the oven.  We call it the sweet potato chicken thing.  I found the recipe on one of my favorite blogs Peanut Butter Fingers.  Click that link for the recipe.  The author's posts almost always include photos of her viszla so obviously it's a winner in my book!

On to the important stuff...tonight's beer.  I'm still feeling love in the air after yesterday's sampling of Anchorage Brewing's Love Buzz Saison, so tonight we're drinking Ommegang's Aphrodite, which is a tart raspberry and pear ale.  Oh. My. God.  I went out for beer with the singular focus of having a Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout.  But got totally sidetracked by this offering from Ommegang.  I really like the beer that Ommegang produces:  Ommegedon, Rare Vos, their Abbey Ale, Hennepin, Three Philosophers, and the Witte.  There was one I tried and it tasted like sausage.  In its defense, it was advertised as smoked.  Of course, that was a  couple years ago, I can't remember it's name and it's not listed on their website.  I'm going to pretend that whole sordid tasting incident didn't even happen!

Ack! Sidetracked again.  Anyway the Aphrodite called to me with her sweet, siren song and I was immediately entranced.  (Note:  All puns intended.)  This ale has a quickly dissipating head and was merlot colored in my glass.  A swirl wasn't even needed to get a noseful of the raspberry and pear.  It had an interesting carbonation that I find difficult to describe -- consistent but light, perhaps?  It drank on the thin side almost like a light white wine.  The flavor was smooth, fruity and funky.  The addition of Brett yeast is brilliant.  It finished with a wonderful tartness.

A quick check of Ommegang's website describes the carbonation as champagne-like.  This is why they are the professionals.  Evidently I also missed the pale pink head, which disappeared by the time the beer made it to my table.  (Go ahead, make your jokes.  You know you want to.)

This is a limited edition beer and I know I'm going back for seconds thirds as much as I can drink before they throw me out of a place that I don't want to name because I don't want you going there and stealing my beer.

Holy crap, folks.  Tomorrow we enter the second month of this adventure.  I love it!  Cheers!

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