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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beer 43: Nøgne ø #100 or It's Not Time

I'm not sure if you all care what I have to say on the topics of the life and work of Joe Paterno, but I plan to put together some thoughts.  I'm just not ready yet.

Instead I shall share some knowledge that Gary dropped on me today.

(I Got It Made by Special Ed plays in the background)

Me:  Is this a Tribe Called Quest?

Gary:  No, it's Special Ed.

Me:  The VJ from MTV? Yo MTV Raps?

Gary:  No, you're thinking of Ed Lover.

Me:  Who was the other guy who worked with Ed Lover?

Gary:  Dr. Dre.

Me:  (silence)

Gary:  (curious look on his face)

Me:  Dr. Dre was a VJ!

Gary:  No, there are two Dr. Dres.

Me:  (silence while processing this information)  What! There are two Dr. Dres!?!

Gary:  Yes.

So there you have it.  I've been living in this world for 29 years and had NO IDEA I was sharing it with two  Dr. Dres.  Fascinating.

Photographic evidence:

Dr. Dre photo courtesy of
Dr. Dre (right) courtesy of
Obviously any writing that involves Yo MTV Raps! must contain a little Ed Lover dance.  Enjoy!


Today I'm drinking Nøgne ø #100 out of Norway.  It is a barley-wine style ale.  I poured it into my trusty tulip glass and it was a deep, dark brown.  If I managed to get the light to hit it just right, there are maroon highlights.    The scent of this one was interesting.  Molasses, earthy sweetness, woody.  The light tan head dissipated rather quickly.  

The taste is not at all what I expected.  Roasted malt.  Vanilla.  Maybe cocoa?  It drank thick and finished with some bitterness.  

Sidebar:  Remember when Keystone Beer advertised against bitter beer face?  Bitter isn't always bad.

In fact, the brewery describes #100 as having massive hop bitterness.  This is where my taste for beer gets very interesting.  Low hop flavor = good.  Medium to big hop flavor = bad.  Massive hop overload = back in my good graces.  

With that, I am off to put one of my favorite Christmas presents of all time to good use - my orange immersion blender.  A snowy January Sunday demands soup.  And I demand to use my immersion blender!


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  1. Marci - You guys need to rent "Who's the Man" as movie buffs. Dr Dre and Ed Lover are the main characters in it along with Dennis Leary. You weren't learn anything newor appreciate a great story but God damn is funny. If you like stupid, pointless movies for some good laughs this is it.