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Monday, January 16, 2012

Beer, Beer, Oysters, Beer: aka "Typical Monday"

Beer # 37  Belgian Blonde / Fegley's Brew Works, Allentown, PA
After a weekend of sloth, we're back in business - an action packed day filled with beer adventure.  Yes, Marci covered much of our adventure earlier today in her post, but that's what happens when you and your wife are both writing a blog and spend the day together.  Before you try to make me feel bad for not doing MLK Day of Service, keep in mind I think good deeds should take up more than one day a year.  I dedicate countless hours every week to running the second largest blood drive in the Penn-Jersey region, so you'll allow me one day off, no?

Phase one was a visit to Shangy's, a huge beer distributor in Emmaus, PA.  So big, they don't have a website, I guess.  An amazing selection, although they lose points for having never heard of Anchorage Brewing Company.  Seriously?  My number one draft pick today was a case of Anchorage Bitter Monk, and I struck out!  Still, we came away with three great cases, which you'll all be hearing about shortly.

Phase two of the day was lunch and today's beer, the Belgian Blonde from Fegley's Brew Works.  We've wrestled with how to treat brewpubs that don't sell their beer anywhere but their own bars.  As of right now, those places won't be eligible for our 365 brewery challenge.  Conveniently, Fegley's does sell cases of beer through distributors, so they're fair game.  I had a generous sampler (six 5.5oz glasses), and the highlight was the Blonde.  A clear, gold color, this beer has a citrus and bread aroma before the first sip, and grassy, earthy flavor.  There's a definite hop flavor in there - maybe a tiny bit too much for my tastes (for a Belgian blonde, that is).  A solid pick, as was their Steelgaarden Wit, which brings memories of summer to mind.  Quite valuable on a cold winter's day.

For what it's worth, lunch was also great: a French Dip roast beef sandwich served with a side of cheddar ale soup to dip your sandwich in.

Phase three was oysters & beers with some friends at - where else - Teresa's Next Door.  Started planning some vacation weekends, which is always good.  In all, a great way to spend a much needed day off.

Thing to Think About Today:
Apparently, the Golden Globes aired last night, which I didn't watch.  Sorry.  However, I came to find out that a Best Actor award went to Idris Elba, for his fantastic portrayal of the lead character in Luther, a BBC drama about the Serious Crimes Unit.  The talented Mr. Elba is best known for playing the role of Stringer Bell in The Greatest Show in the History of Television, The Wire.  However, we'll save that show for another day.

Luther follows a well known crime drama format: troubled but driven cop pursues violent killers, has a dark past littered with broken relationships.  However, this show brings new twists to the genre, and Alba's portrayal of John Luther is absolutely top notch (as is Ruth Wilson's work as evil genius Alice Morgan).  I mean, don't take my word for it - the guy did just win a Golden Globe.  The seasons are short, so you can get through the first two years in a weekend.  Please note: the finale of season 1 is stupendous.  To whet your appetite, here's a quick peek into the world of Luther:

Now, do yourself a favor and add this to add this to your Netflix queue.  You won't regret it.

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