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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More food. But better this time!

Beer #25 Daisy Cutter Pale Ale / Half Acre Beer Company, Chicago IL
I apparently still have food on my mind.  After yesterday's banner meal of mac & cheese, we're stepping our game up considerably this evening.  Trying out a new recipe for carrot soup with miso and sesame.  Don't make that face - it's good.  In fact, it's great and on the verge of awesome, but that last compliment is just because Marci made it for me.  I typically do all of the cooking, but Marci holds it down in the kitchen.

Also on my mind: I was thinking about Chicago earlier this week, and apparently I'm still focused on Chicago.  Now, after a trip to TJ's in Paoli, I'm also drinking Chicago.  Second day in a row I've found a beer from a brewery I wasn't familiar with: this time, it's Half Acre.  Their Daisy Cutter has a clean, floral, hop flavor with just a hint of an earthy taste to the finish.  Trust me on the earthy taste... after taking a sip, Marci commented that it, "tastes like dirt."  I wouldn't listen to her, she doesn't like hoppy beers.  Daisy Cutter checks in at 5.2% ABV, which feels about right for a good tasting, easy drinking pale ale.  Looking forward to trying some other offerings, hopefully when I can swing by in person!

Half Acre appears to have a fairly limited distribution, as they mostly sell around Chicago with the exception of a small batch they ship back east, where the brewers grew up.  I have a feeling that might change in the future as they get more well known.

Things to Think About Today:
Okay, so if I knew I was going to drink this beer, I would have saved my Wishbone brunch recommendation - this brewery is about a mile away from Wishbone's Northside location.  Live and learn, live and learn.  We'll keep the same food theme, though.  When you visit this brewery (or anywhere else on the north side of Chicago), first stop off at Ann Sather for breakfast.  Any of the locations will do; they're all close to Half Acre. Order whatever you like, but save room - A LOT of room - for a side of their famous cinnamon buns.  They're easily a delicious, sugary, giant, awesome meal on their own.  Think about sharing them. 
Okay, so this is a pic of Cinnamon Bun French Toast.  Still delicious

Or not.  Your call.  I won't judge you....

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  1. I now have a strong desire for french toast.