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Monday, January 23, 2012

Whales and Motown

Beer #44 Scrimshaw  / North Coast Brewing Company, Fort Bragg, CA
Keeping it brief today.  Still sad about yesterday's news, and trying to get my hustle on today.  Right into the beers:

Today's sample comes from North Coast, their Scrimshaw Pilsner.  Scrimshaw, of course, is art made from the bones or teeth of whales.  Thankfully, no whales were involved in the production of this beer.  This beer has a nice hops/barley taste, with some floral notes sneaking in.  Although not very complex, this is a good beer - nice and easy drinking.  I could definitely seeing this beer make an appearance at a tailgate next summer/fall.

Thing to Think About Today:
Probably should have used Moby Dick (one of my favorite books) for the thing to think about today, but I felt  like I was a little too hard on Detroit in my earlier post.  Obviously, a lot of great music came out of Motown through the years.  More recently from Detroit, Mayer Hawthorne has appeared on the scene delivering a contemporary take on that old sound.  And he does so very well:

How can you listen to that and not feel good?  Great summer time music, that song.  We were fortunate to catch him live two years ago at The Roots Picnic, and he's fantastic.  Check him out if you get the chance.

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