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Monday, January 9, 2012

Beer 30: Anchorage Love Buzz Saison

I seem to be all about the Saisons lately. Today's beer comes from Anchorage Brewing Company. Note that they still don't have their website up but hopefully that will happen soon. Gary gave some good background on Anchorage here so I'm not going to repeat that part.

Not only is this an awesome Saison, it's a Saison with brettanomyces. And it's aged in Pinot noir barrels! It poured into my glass revealing a beautiful shade of amber. A good swirl revealed the scent of the Brett and the Pinot noir barrel. This Saison is highly carbonated and had a loose head.

Was it the mere thought of love from the beer's name and the rose themed label artwork that had me thinking I may be tasting roses? Perhaps but I also got citrus and pepper with a bitter bite. But even with all that going on, it finished smooth. If you're curious, the ABV is 8%, which is pretty much my average. This could be one of my top 25 beers.

As I mentioned before, I write my review before visiting any sites that would give me a more professional review...keeps me honest. How psyched am I that the description on Beer Advocate describes it as an ale brewed with rose hips, peppercorn and fresh orange peel???

I'm off to watch the BCS Championship game. And I already know what I'm drinking...but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for the big reveal!

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