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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beer 38: Zywiec, The Beer of My Ancestors

While I love a four day work week, starting it on a Tuesday is entirely too confusing.  I spent the entire day remembering that it isn't Monday.  It was like the movie Groundhog Day, only without slapstick comedy and a goofy love story.

Among the many things I did today were two major accomplishments.  First I came up with a plan to plan for the Great Beer-venture of 2012.  Second I learned that I will never utter the phrase "wall busting" party ever again.  It even makes me uncomfortable typing it here.


Tonight I revisit my roots in a pint glass.  Oh, yes, beer from Poland.  (What did you think I was writing about???)  If you can read Polish, I suggest checking out this link.  If you don't, perhaps you'll want to visit Beer Advocate.  I think I had the Klasyka Smaku and not the 100% Smaku.  Apologies for my lack of Polish skills.  My strengths in that arena are mispronouncing Merry Christmas or insulting you.

Zywiec is a mild pilsner.  I'd call it a Budweiser with funny European character.  Sorry, Polish brethern.  It seemed well balanced -- not too hoppy and not too malty.  It didn't have much of a scent and the flavor was rather...mild.  I freely admit that I drank this one for the laughs.

Until tomorrow, folks.  Cheers!

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