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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Live a Life Filled With Chicken and Malt Liquor

Beer #31 Peeper Ale/ Maine Beer Company, Portland, ME
For the first time in 2012, I made dinner instead of having a waiter bring it to me or grabbing it from a drive-thru window. Threw together a chicken, sweet potato, and cheese combo. Sweet potatoes are like the healthiest food ever, so it totally cancelled out the negative impact from the cheeses. Cooking is something I dabble in but wish I was better at doing. Beats going hungry, though. For the three people reading this, I can hook you up with tonight's recipe if you ask politely. Or impolitely. Whatever.

Our thirty first beer is a straw colored pale ale that has a nice lemony, citrus nose.  Easy drinking at 5.5% ABV, Peeper Ale is dry with a understated hop flavor, and finishes with a pleasing earthy, pine taste. Very tasty, smooth beer that I really enjoyed drinking.  Winner.

It seems Maine Beer spends has as much of a budget for their website as we do for Me, You, and a Blog Named Brew, which is to say none whatsoever.  Not too surprising when you consider this brewery is run by two brothers who might be the only employees.  But it's not about websites, it's about finding great beer. And if you manage to find this on draft (looks like New England/NYC/PA is the territory for now) do yourself a favor and try this one.

Thing to Think About Today: 
This brewery was started by two guys who married a big dream with hard work and persistence.  Got to love that these guys are pouring their heart and soul into this beer.  I also just learned that the CEO of Puma is 32 years old, which is a bit younger than I am. So now I'm frustrated, as I don't think I'm living my dream job.  Why can't I run a brewery or a trendy sneaker company?  Maybe I need some inspiration, some motivation, some examples of hard work in action.  And if we're talking hard work, we're talking The Hardest Working Man in Show Business.  James Brown is always best live, so we'll take Cold Sweat from the concert in Zaire before the Ali-Foreman fight.

Free James Brown!

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