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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beer 29: Cricket Hill East Coast Lager or Why Do I Have so Much Crap???

Today was spent cleaning out the basement and garage.  I'm pretty sure we've never cleaned the garage out even though we've been living in this house for eight years.  The basement got a major reorganization -- and of course a good cleaning -- a few years ago, but certainly needed it again.  After five hours of nonstop work, I am pretty pleased by the results.  But holy cow...we accumulate stuff like it's our job.

Why do basements and garages become the graveyard for random mugs, rugs, jackets and packing peanuts?  Why do I have so many screwdrivers, a tire and enough old paint to redo the Sistine Chapel?  2012 is the year I begin to live more simply.  Today was a HUGE step in the right direction.


After scrubbing the dirt off and considering burning the clothes I wore to clean, it's now time for a beer.  I bought this one on a lark.  There was something about the label that caught my eye...probably my favorite shade of green.  And who doesn't like lager?  

Cricket Hill  Brewery hails from the East Coast -- New Jersey specifically.  The East Coast lager went into my pint glass with an average head and surprising straw color.  Maybe I've drank too much Yuengling lager, but I expected more color.  If I were to create a beer scented scratch and sniff sticker, it would smell like East Coast lager.  I can't explain it any other way.  It just smells like beer.  It's not a bad thing.  Every once in awhile, even I just want a beer that isn't going to challenge my nose, taste buds or brain in some way.

It's easy drinking (4.2% ABV) with smooth malt flavors on the front and hops in the finish.  But it doesn't finish as smooth as I'd like.  In fact, it's leaving a weird flavor on my palate.  I'll leave the New Jersey jokes alone.  

Until tomorrow, folks.  Time for some take out and a movie.  

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