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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Around the World and Home Again

Beer #45 Cellar Door / Stillwater Artisanal Ales, Baltimore, MD
Back in the house after two days in Detroit.  I don't mind traveling; I get to see different parts of the country, meet some great people.  But there's nothing like sleeping in your own bed.  One extra thing to call out today: if you haven't read Marci's post from yesterday, you should.  Dinner tonight is Fellini's - no better way to announce you're home than by visiting your favorite restaurant.  On to the beer!

Today's beer comes from Stillwater, a gypsy brewer who has been all the rage in the beer world during the past year.  Another farmhouse ale (the weather must have me thinking of summer), this one is far more complex than the Bam Biere.  Both are great, but Cellar Door just seems to bring a bit more to the table.  The beer pours a cloudy, straw color, and has a fantastic flavor - there are distinct sour notes, but the taste of bread dominates.  There's a tartness and some citrus, and has a crisp finish.  Highly recommend this, and anything else you can get your hands on from Stillwater.  Check Marci's review of Stillwater's Stateside for an example of another beer from this great brewer.

Thing to Think About Today:
Marci was having some fun on Sunday thinking back to the good ol' days of YO! MTV Raps. Like most of my friends, I watched that program religiously.  One friend is rumored to still have episodes on a VCR tape somewhere.  So, let's take you back to one of the unquestioned mega-stars of the YO! age:  MC Hammer!

Jesus, how the hell popular was Hammer in the late 80's? Apparently he was absurdly and astronomically popular beyond anything we've ever seen before, as he could get away with wearing a damn zebra striped SPEEDO, work boots, and gloves to his pool party video shoot. Check that again, slowly: MC Hammer spends a majority of this video wearing an animal print banana hammock. Huh?

However, I do give him credit for installing a remote control waterfall in his pool.  That's awesome.  No wonder he went broke.  I need one of those.

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