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Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Am A Real American (Ale)

Beer # 49 Old Court Ale / 16 Mile Brewing Company, Georgetown, DE
A beautiful day in the neighborhood! Slept in, did some chores, went for a run, did some shopping, and stopped by Total Wine to stock the beer shelf.  This store has  always been a mecca for wine, but they've stepped up their beer game tremendously in the past year or so. Formerly just a home for domestics and some macro brewed imports, their beer aisle now lets you buy single bottles of some really unique and interesting craft brews.  And buy we did.

We ate dinner at Ulysses Gastropub in Wilmington tonight (great meal, by the way), so I decided to keep it local and sample a draft from 16 Mile Brewery. The Old Court Ale is named for the original historic courthouse in Sussex County, where the brewery is located.  In fact, all of their beer names have a tie to something significant in the state of Delaware.

The website for 16 Mile calls this beer a dark pale ale, and the draft was definitely a dark amber color in the glass. Good hop and malt flavors up front, but not much bitterness. A hint of sweetness and some very mild earthy flavor in the finish. A nice, drinkable yet flavorful beer. If you find yourself in or near Delaware, this one is worth your time.

Thing to Think About Today:
If we're talking the First State and historic buildings dating back to the 1700's, we're clearly talking about a place steeped in American history.  I'm a fan of history - I'm always curious to know the story behind the places I visit and I always love learning about the past.  Whenever we go somewhere with a historical marker, Marci knows that I'm guaranteed to stop and read.  I was also a big fan of wrestling when I was a kid.  Let's combine the two, and celebrate American history with a Real American:

And yes, I have this mp3 on the iPod.  I am prepared to fight for the rights of every man.

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