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Monday, April 9, 2012

Beer 121: Bell’s Oberon

I think I hit mental rock bottom this afternoon.  I’ve been losing project details lately -- too much happening too fast -- and I had no idea what time an event I’m planning was scheduled for later this week.  Nothing I had in writing agreed on a time for this event and I’ve been inadvertently telling various people different times.  I actually had to call the host venue and ask what time they had in their schedule.  Like I said, mental rock bottom.  The good thing is that it seems to have jumpstarted my brain again so I have that going for me.  Has anyone else had something like this happen?  I’ll admit I feel a bit loony over it.


It seems to have been a nice -- albeit windy -- day today.  In honor of that, I’m opening a Bell’s Oberon Ale.  Described on the label as an American wheat ale with the color and scent of a summer afternoon.  (pause for beer sniffing)  Indeed it does -- a bit wheaty, a bit citrusy.  Is it the color of a summer afternoon?  Maybe a late afternoon summer.  It’s a deep golden hue, slightly cloudy with a moderate head that’s leaving lots of lacing in my glass.

The flavor is spicy hops but they aren’t overpowering.  There’s the taste of citrus and bread.  With a relatively low ABV (at least for me) of 5.8% ABV, this says summer afternoon drinking to me.

I wish the sun was still up.  This Oberon makes me want to kick up my feet and chill on the deck.  And on that note, I bid you cheers for the evening!

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