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Friday, November 30, 2012

Beer 356: Furst Wallerstein and Ooh-Ooh Friday Night

Today summed up in three bullets:
- produced an entire week's worth of work in one day
- tweeted like it was my job
- listened to way too much rap

The beauty of one's own office? Drake can yell muthafucka as much as he wants. How was your Friday?

Tonight's beer is the Landsknecht-Bier from Furst Wallerstein in Germany -- a Munich dunkel lager with a 5.2% ABV.

It looks like a hazy cola with a thin tan head. It smells mostly like bread. There's an ashiness in the flavor along with huge malts and a bit of caramel. This is a style of beer that I'm not all that familiar with. Per the definition I found, it should be smooth, rich and complex without being heavy. This one meets that description.

It should also be full bodied with minimal bitterness. Again we have a winner. Based on my obvious limited knowledge, I'll rate it a great and kick up my heels because it is Friday night and the feeling is all right! Cheers!

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