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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Who wins: John Denver or Jimi Hendrix

Beer #33 Sawtooth Ale/ Left Hand Brewing Company, Longmont, CO
Great holiday "linner" tonight with some fantastic co-workers at my favorite Italian BYOB, Fellini's.  Capping the night off with a beer, some blogging, and laughing at Marci's post.  Great pic, M.  You drove here in a Hyundai, I drove here in a $80K BMW.

Spent far too much time in the office today planning the details of an upcoming trip to Seattle.  Usually, someone more important than me calls the shots on flights, hotels, etc.  I have a little flexibility this time, so I hooked myself up with some good choices.  Looking forward to my first visit to (checks internet) the Emerald City.  If you have some beer suggestions, please send them my way.  I'm in Bellevue on a Thursday, Seattle on a Friday, and eager to sample as many local beers as I can.

You see, I like participating in the world around me, rather than just watching it spin by.  When I travel on business, I'm guaranteed to bring my running shoes to see at least a few miles worth of local scenery.  I love trying local restaurants and seeing what life is like across our country.  This ties into the beer I'm drinking tonight, Sawtooth Ale from Left Hand Brewing Company.

We've vacationed in Colorado each of the past two years, so I definitely feel connected to some of the many, many great breweries there.  I've been to Left Hand's tasting room, I've met Left Hand employees.  The label on the bottle mentions that it's brewed on the banks of the St. Vrain River - I've hiked along the St. Vrain River.  In fact, here's a shot I took of the St. Vrain:
Majestic, no?
I'm happy to drink beers from around the globe, but I'm always excited to drink beers that I'm familiar with beyond just seeing them on tap somewhere.

Sawtooth Ale is a clear, copper color and has a fragrant floral taste.  There's a nice malt taste, with notes of pine and honey along the way.  Really good beer, particularly in the summer.  Not going to lie - if I had to pick one Left Hand beer, it's likely to be the 400 Pound Monkey, a delicious IPA.  Regardless, Sawtooth is a great beer from a great brewery that I will definitely drink again, perhaps this summer in Colorado.
Milk Stout glass.  Not a milk stout.
Things to Think About Today:
Thinking about this upcoming trip has me thinking about Seattle's immense contributions to the music world.  So let's think about their greatest contribution to popular music.  Pearl Jam?  No.  Jimi Hendrix?  No.  Nirvana?  Nope.  Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Mudhoney... Kenny G?  NO.

We're thinking about Sir Mix-a-Lot, people.  He was possibly the most influential rapper on my 8th grade class, not to mention the complete game changer he dropped on 1992.  Still guaranteed to get a room full of 30-40 year olds dancing like they were kids again:

"OH MY GOD, Becky.  LOOK at her butt."

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