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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Beer 35: Left Hand Milk Stout

I'm not feeling verbose today as my sinuses are attempting to kill me.  I've spent the entire day either sound asleep in my bed or catatonic on the couch.  I did rally and take down the tree and put away all the Christmas ornaments.  Mostly because if my decorations are still up, I can't talk smack about the neighbor who keeps her tree up and LIT all year long.  If I had a better camera, I'd provide photographic evidence.  But I don't.  Sorry.


The milk stout series continues with an entry from Left Hand Brewing Company.  I had the pleasure to visit Left Hand last summer and managed to sample a majority of their offerings.  This milk stout is hands down (ha!) my all time favorite milk stout.  I poured this one into a Long Trail Brewing pint glass since the Left  Hand glasses didn't come back out of the dishwasher from last night.  Oops.

Left Hand milk stout presents like the others I tried this week -- the darkest brown almost black liquid, thin tan head.  It smells roasted and chocolatey.  Its flavor is roasted malt, lactose sweetness with just the right bite at the finish.  The carbonation is very light and makes for a thin, not syrupy beverage.

This beer definitely goes in my top 25.

Left Hand beer is so good, it makes you do this:

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  1. LOOVE this beer too! It's in my top 5. I was wondering how long it would take for you to review it!