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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beer and Popularity

Day #500 Robot Surf Factory / Spring House Brewing Company, Conestoga, PA
Previously from this brewery: Cosmic Monster and Seven Gates

Milestone day here at Blog Named Brew, as this is the 500th day of posting!  I enjoy sharing my thoughts, opinions, frustrations, and observations with the world, so let me say "thank you" for reading.  There are many pages on the internet, and I do appreciate you taking the time to look at this one.  I'll also use this occasion to remind everyone that we're also sharing #BeerPorn at the BlogNamedBrew Instagram page.  Click and follow to see even more pictures of beer than you see here - if you're into that sort of thing.

Today's review comes from a beer stop during a recent trip to Lancaster - the oddly named Robot Surf Factory IPA from Spring House Brewing.  This one caught my eye, as I haven't run across many pineapple pale ales before.  Yes, pineapple.  In the glass, this beer has a clear, very bright gold color with a think white head.  There is a strong aroma of fresh pineapple (duh), and when you take a sip you find a nice tropical fruit sweetness, with plenty of pineapple to balance out a dry finish.  There's a decent bit of bitterness throughout, in fact,.  While hops traditionally impart a citrus flavor (grapefruit or lemon, most notably) to beer, pineapple isn't a flavor I usually find.  This being said, Robot Surf Factory isn't a bad choice for the summertime.... if the summer ever gets around to arriving.
pretty... just like me
Their website artwork and beer names all have a unusual vibe to them; a mix of surf culture and horror film.  It works, trust me.

Thing to Think About Today:
In the spirit of Robot Surf, I'll close with some Nada Surf and their 90s hit, Popular.  A song that curiously uses 1964 teen advice book, Penny's Guide to Teen-Age Charm and Popularity, for the lyrics.  Hey, whatever works, right?  Have a good night, all.  Even you unpopular kids.

"I'm the head of the class / I'm popular"

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