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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Friends, Fire Trucks, Field Trips

Day #479 Paleooza / New Holland Brewing Company, New Holland, MI
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Today is Tuesday, but I'm going right past today and start thinking about Wednesday, because on that day I'm meeting a few friends for delicious beers and robust discussion.  You see, we're starting a club for guys who want to take weekend trips without spouses and do guy things like drink bourbon and build a fire and grill steaks and chop down trees and play the bongos and go fishing.  Absolutely a stellar idea by the way; as we get older, we drift apart from our friends, and sometimes only exist as "couples friends" who only get to catch up infrequently, at best.  What about our guy (or for you female readers, girl) friends?  What about the people we don't get to see often?  How do we keep that connection alive and flourishing?  Our idea: with a weekend on a mountain..... involving chicks and guns and fire trucks and hookers and drugs and booze!!!!!! You know, all the things that make life worth living!

Eh, I suppose we'll mostly just make fun of each other for being whipped and then spend our time declaring vociferously that we should totally go on a guys only vacation one of these days.  But I do hope we go one of these days.  One of these days, indeed, before we start running out of days.

While all of this is happening (I think we're also electing officers for our club and creating a coat of arms), you can read a beer review!  Tonight's offering is the Paleooza, an American Pale Ale from New Holland.  Had this one on draft a few weeks back at TJ's - in the glass, it's a bright, clear copper color.  There isn't an overwhelming aroma, but I do get a bit of toffee, which is nice. The taste is a good balance of faintly toasted malt and hop bitterness, with earthy, grassy notes.  This isn't an overpowering beer, but instead rather mellow.  Worth a try for one of those days where you aren't looking to get beat up by your beer.

I'm pretty sure I accidentally deleted the picture of my beer, so instead please enjoy this picture of how I like to spend my guy trip weekends: rocking a blazer and driving a speed boat where I combine a heady mix of reckless abandon with a wanton disregard for the safety of others.  ¡Vamanos, muchachos!
where's the guns and bourbon?
For the record, my commentary in the first paragraph regarding unsavory activities including controlled substances and prostitution (in case you didn't click the link) was not an accurate portrayal of the events or activities that belong on a guys weekend.  It was in fact a quote from the movie Bachelor Party, back when Tom Hanks was seriously funny.  In no way do I condone having fire trucks at our weekend (zing).

Thing to Think About Today:
Okay, so we reminisced about getting together with old friends, so why don't we let The White Stripes finish up our day with their lovely We're Going to Be Friends.  A rather unexpected song from one of the guys keeping rock & roll alive.  Hope you get to spend time with your friends again very soon!

"Tonight I'll dream while in my bed / Silly thoughts go through my head"

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