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Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 499: Come Hell or High Watermelon

I didn't realize I was writing tonight and don't have anything clever to share. I'm also kind of fried from the past few weeks on the job. Part of on-the-job risks is the inability to be clever after seating 900 people at a variety of events during a three day period. My world is all dining rooms, table numbers and worrying that I lost someone in the last table shuffle. Event planning. Riveting stuff.

So how does one properly escape from the world of event planning when it all starts seeping into one's dreams? Good beer. That's how. It started with Day of Marci yesterday with visits to Spring House Tap Room and then Lancaster Brewing Company. A glorious day like yesterday requires a road trip. That's another proper way to decompress.

Tonight's escape comes from 21st Amendment Brewery. Unfortunately in our 24 hours in San Francisco last summer, we didn't find time to visit in person. Don't worry. That will be rectified in the coming years.

I'm not a fan of watermelon so I was skeptical the first time I heard of this beer. Then I managed to get my hands on some and HOLY COW! SUMMERTIME IN A CAN! Yes, it is that good.

It pours a slightly hazy golden color with a loose white head. It smells of wheat and citrus and light watermelon. The flavor is a strong, natural watermelon wrapped up in a nice wheat beer package. It tastes like best thing ever on hot summer days. It has a nice body with a bit of prickly carbonation.

Beer stats
Style: Fruit beer, wheat ale
ABV: 4.9%
IBUs: 17
Rating: Excellent

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