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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Money For Nothing

Day #490 Pacific Jade / Tired Hand Brewing Company, Ardmore, PA
Previously from this brewery: Plenty!  Also check Fauna, Table Printemps, Bokonon, Good Good Things, Trois Enfants, Fripp, more Good Good Things.  Helps when a brewery is about eight miles from my house, I suppose.

Another nice, springtime Saturday here.  Took the dogs to the vet this morning, and the good news is they have a clean bill of health.  Always good to hear, as they're now ten years old - not exactly spring chickens.  The bad news is that I needed to sell my car to pay for their vet bill.  They're cute and friendly, but they don't have jobs and they make me buy them things.  And vet bills are expensive things, unfortunately.

Further complicating the problems of my wallet today: someone cloned my debit card Thursday and managed to get about $900 out of my checking account before my bank's fraud department shut them down.  Not a big issue, as the money will be returned to my account, but seriously.... give me a break.  What if I needed that money today?  What if they waited six more hours until my paycheck hit, and they cleaned out $100,000? (because that's how much I get paid every two weeks).

Finished hearing me complain?  No.  Not yet you aren't.  I also need to finalize and submit my taxes this weekend, which means I'll be forking over some (more) hard earned cash to Uncle Sam on Monday.  I'd rather owe money than get a refund - people who celebrate huge refunds don't realize that they've been giving the government an interest free loan all year.  That's not good, people.  I get that a big check from the government is fun to cash, but the best scenario is owing nothing and getting nothing back come April 15.  Well, a better scenario would be owing less throughout the year, but no chance of that happening any time soon.

Finished hearing me complain?  Yes, now you are.  Please resume enjoying the rest of this blog.

Today's review is another beer from a visit a few weeks back to Tired Hands: Pacific Jade, a single hop Saison.  It poured a cloudy light yellow color, with a persistent white head.  The aroma is herbal and floral.  Marci said it smelled like marigolds.  Sure, I guess.  The taste is unusual; light, but dry with enough hop bitterness to get your attention (although not much pine or citrus that hops brings).  Plenty of floral, grassy, herbal notes.  Unusual and different from the average saison, but like everything at Tired Hands, it's tasty.
I'm convinced all beers at TH look like this.
Not blurry, just the color
Thing to Think About Today:
Today I close still thinking about money and the people working hard to separate my cash from my wallet.  So here's to you, veterinarian, credit card fraudster, and the Federal Government!  I present to you Ol' Dirty Bastard and the ever appropriate (although completely not safe for work) Baby I Got Your Money.  Sigh.  Back to the coal mine next week for me....

"Hey, Dirty, baby I got your money / Don't you worry / I said hey, baby I got your money"

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