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Monday, May 21, 2012

Does That Make Me Crazy?

Beer #163 Seven Gates Pale Ale / Spring House Brewing Company, Conestoga, PA

Tonight's beer is another brewery from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Spring House Brewing Company. I sampled their Seven Gates Pale Ale mostly because it came as a friendly donation to the blog from a fellow beer geek.  Unique donations always welcome, and we're happy to trade for some of the ever growing supply of already sampled beers in our fridge/garage.

On to the beer, which pours a clear copper color with a wispy, thin white head.  You pick up aromas of malt and biscuit up front, and the taste delivers flavors of light citrus, caramel, malt, and floral hops.  Probably not as hoppy as I was expecting, but in all a nice, mellow, easy drinking ale.  It checks in at 5.7% ABV, and if you see it, you should drink it.  Plus it has some awesome label art, with what appears to be a creepy, burning haunted house.  Why is that, you ask?

Creepy asylum? Check. Good beer? Check.

There's an old legend in south central Pennsylvania about a mental asylum set deep in the dense forest to keep the criminally insane away from the rest of society.  The asylum and its residents were kept behind seven gates, until a massive fire broke out and, well... let's just say their souls may still haunt the woods.  Other variations of the folktale state that anyone who passes through all seven gates will go directly to Hell.  So, if anyone is looking for a cost effective vacation that doesn't include jacked up airline fees, there you go!

Thing to Think About Today:
This beer honors a legend about crazy people in the woods, so let's relax and enjoy this beer with Ray LaMontagne (who hangs out in the woods) and his take on Gnarls Barkley's Crazy.

"There was something so pleasant about that place...."

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  1. This is my favorite beer and brewery. I encourage you to get to their Taproom ( whenever you can.