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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What do New Hampshire and Reggae Have in Common? Nothing.

Beer #171 Belgian Style Pale Ale / White Birch Brewing, Hooksett, New Hampshire

After a slow start, our summer league basketball team keeps racking up wins, even if half the team isn't showing up on a regular basis.  Hey, more touches for me, right?  I've played in this league since the day I took the job, and have never cut down the nets.  Made it to the championship game a couple of times, but walked away empty each time.  Not sure that's going to change this year unless we get some people to show up more frequently and get into the groove.  The other teams seem better this year, but maybe that's just because I'm another year older.

Tonight's beer (yay, 46% of the way done with the adventure) is the Belgian Style Pale Ale from White Birch.  Pours a hazy shade of gold, with a fluffy white head.  I'm battling allergies again today, so bear with me if this description isn't overly descriptive (or accurate).  Here goes... you pick up aromas of apples, and from the first sip you get strong fruit esters, malt, and grain.  Definitely a peppery spice, too.  You pick up the strong alcohol notes, which isn't unexpected as this beer is a solid 8.2% ABV.  I like this one, and will definitely seek out other options from this brewery.  Good stuff!

This brewery has been open since 2009, and curiously the name of this beer is due to the color, rather than the style.  So, it's not really a Belgian Pale Ale.  Still tastes good, so whatevs.

Thing to Think About Today:
I really have nothing for you tonight with a direct correlation to the beer/brewery/home state, and it looks like the end of the world outside due to an impending thunderstorm, so in honor of crossing over 46%, let's let Toots and the Maytals finish things up with 54-46 Was My Number.  This wasn't about Toot's passing 46% of his beer challenge, but rather about a prison term he served.  Hey, I win that round.

"I said YEAH!"

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