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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beer 155: Brasserie de Blaugies Saison and Moms

It was a celebration of moms awesome mother-in-law, super mom sister-in-law and, of course, my sister, who amazes me every day with her mad-child-raising skills. Missing was my Mom because sometimes life likes to kick you in the balls and take loved ones way too soon. Oh and by the way, cancer, you still suck. Today was filled with good food, good beer and wine and lots of laughter. Kind of a perfect day.

Now onto that good beer. It was the la Moneuse Saison by Brasserie de Blaugies. It poured a deep apricot color with a full white head. It smelled lightly of fruit. The taste was dry and crisp. Lots of spice, lemons, mild hops. It was very easy to drink. You know it's a good beer when I wish I didn't have to share with Gary. Cheers!

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