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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beer 162: Push for Drama and a Local Brew

I'm slightly afraid of today's beer...what with the giant hop and angry honey bee and all.
But one should always take chances. Look what it got the folks in this video!

I'm actually jealous that something like this has never happened to me. Perhaps the U.S. is too litigious for it to ever happen here. I'll continue to dream that my trip to Belgium will provide such an opportunity.

Now onto the beer...

See what I mean about the label?

The Bitto Honey IPA from Prism Brewing Company poured a hazy chestnut color and a thick tan head.
The hop aroma was hidden beneath the strong smell of honey. That's a plus in my book! It is hop dominant and clearly an IPA. The hop flavor/tingle/burn continues long after I swallow. That being said, the honey malt is noticeable -- I probably couldn't drink this otherwise.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with this choice. Cheers!

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