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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beer 158: Spanish Peaks Honey Raspberry Ale

After moments earlier declaring that raspberry is the worst fruit flavor on earth, I crack open a Spanish Peaks Honey Raspberry Ale.

Spanish Peaks was founded in Bozeman (MO) and is now operated out of California but is brewed at Olde Saratoga Brewing in Saratoga Springs (NY), which is owned by Mendocino Brewing that may or may not be in Saratoga Springs. Umm. Yeah.

For all that effort, I wish I was getting a better beer. In my raspberry bashing defense, I will go on record to say that I tend to like fruit beers because they aren't overly fruit-flavored.

This one poured a hazy chestnut color with a tan head. Lots of bubbles and it definitely smells of raspberry and honey...lots of honey. The flavor isn't good. Kind of soapy, finishes with an off-putting bitterness. It's gross.

Maybe it's the use of all-natural raspberry extract. Would actual berries have been better? Who knows. I'm not sticking around to find out.


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