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Friday, May 18, 2012

Beer 160: St. Bernardus

The Wish Daisy shop on Etsy is an
amazing and sparkly place.
Dear Internetz,

     If you truly love me, you will make this green glitter hippo live in my home. 



What could possibly go better with a green glitter hippo than a St. Bernardus Tripel? This tripel poured a hazy apricot color with a thick white head.  There was a steady stream of tiny bubbles dancing throughout the glass and a steady lacing as I made my way to the bottom. 

The smell reminded me of fresh apples, cloves and there was some sweetness to it.  The flavor was hop forward with a mild sweetness and a bread-like yeast taste.  The experience drinking it was interesting -- as it started thin but finished with a creamy feeling.  Despite that creamy sensation, I would say that it was a crisp drink.   The alcohol was apparent but not harsh at 8% ABV. Quite an enjoyable beer to drink. 


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