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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beer 152: Kilty Pleasures

You guys! I almost forgot about you tonight. 


Tonight we're drinking a Philadelphia Brewing Company Kilty Pleasure scotch ale.  It poured garnet color liquid with an off-white head.  It smelled strongly of candi sugar with a bit of caramel and lots of booze.  Not surprising when it has a 10% ABV! 

It drank with a hint of smokiness, vanilla coffee flavors and some creaminess.  I did notice a lingering after-taste, which I didn't care for...kind of bitter.  I'm not sure if my taste buds are out of whack from being sick for the past ten days, but I wasn't feeling this beer. 

While I probably won't seek out another Kilty Pleasure, I will remain a fan of Philadelphia Brewing's Walt Whit.  Cheers!

p.s.  Is anyone else singing Careless Whispers?  Oh that's just me...

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