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Monday, May 28, 2012

Beer 170: Israel's Goldstar and (more importantly) Lansdale's Round Guys

I'm switching things up and writing about today's beer first. It's the Goldstar dark lager out of Netanya, Israel. Evidently this is the go to beer of Israel, Jordan and Egypt. I've been to two of those countries and didn't notice it. I did, however, notice Heineken. Tempo Industries, responsible for the production of Goldstar, is also a bottler of Heineken, Sam Adams, Paulaner and Newcastle in that part of the world. So i guess I'm decidedly not drinking craft beer this evening...but I guess I'm drinking something that isn't easily procured in the U.S. so it stands.

This photo makes the beer look ombré, which it wasn't at all. It is a very clear amber color with lots of carbonation and an off-white head that didn't last very long. The aroma is a sweet malt...almost caramel in nature. The flavor is sweet as well and something in the flavor reminds me of corn. It's not too malty and not too hoppy...

I don't know what to make of this one. Average? Meh? My taste buds are confused...especially since I spent the day sampling beers with Scott of Round Guys Brewery in Lansdale (PA).

I reviewed Round Guys berlinerweiss 21 beers ago.

I would order a pint of everything that I sampled today -- there were no disappointments. I guess that's what happens when the brewers are making what they like and not chasing a fad. I think I captured everything I tasted today and here's what was on the list:

- Buh-Nana Hammock Saison: Overall very good although I tend to expect a little more peppery spice from my Saison. That being said, I wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating crackers.

-Berlinerweiss: Batch #2 is way funkier than Batch #1, which is what I had on tap at Capone's for Beer #149. The shandy qualities were gone and a dry, crisp funk was there in full force. I love funky beers and sour beers and Batch #2 is delicious. Word on the street is that Batch #3 is more like the first one. That makes me love Round Guys even more. You know you are getting handcrafted beer. And when you're handcrafting, sometimes you're in for some surprises.

- Himbeer: The berlinerweiss with raspberry syrup. Berlinerweiss enthusiasts add either raspberry or woodruff syrup to round out the sour twang of the berlinerweiss. I was in the woodruff camp but am willing to spend some time in the raspberry camp now. There is also something to be said for an unadulterated berlinerweiss. This one went from awesome to super awesome with a little syrup!

- Original Slacker Ale: OK this is where i should have taken better notes. It's an English session beer. Noticeable roasted malt. Easy drinking but very flavorful. Good stuff.

Then we went off-script with a sneak peek taste of the Saison aged in apple brandy barrels -- the Saison de Pomme. If you see this out at Philly Beer Week, get it. I would have gotten a growler of it had I not been committed to this blog. There were notes of apple, hints of brandy and every so often a little cinnamon. Was that my brain playing tricks on me?

We wrapped up with two beers that I normally don't seek IPA and a pale ale. Both the Blackback IPA and the Lansdale Pale Ale were impressive. Strong hops but not punch-you-in-the-teeth hoppy. Both were smooth and quite good with the Lansdale Pale Ale coming in with a crisp, clean finish.

If you're still reading at this point, I owe you a beer. Thanks for sticking with me. Now go get yourself some Round Guys!

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