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Monday, May 7, 2012

Beer 149: Round Guys Berlinerweise

After quite an enjoyable weekend, I found myself home sick on the couch again this afternoon.  Perhaps my weekend was too enjoyable.

Luckily I have a few beers in reserve from my adventures this weekend and I don't have to waste one tonight.  This review comes as a result from a stop at Capone's in Norristown on Saturday afternoon.  In addition to an impressive draft list, they have quite a bottleshop next door.  We managed to score a few things for the collection, which you'll be reading about soon enough.  I'd rate Capone's bottle selection up there with The Foodery in Philly.

Round Guys Berlinerweise was my selection from their draught list.  It poured the color of cloudy lemonade with a quickly dissipating white head.  It smelled strongly of the funk of brettanomyces - always a good thing in my book.  The flavor was delicious and very refreshing.  Dry. It also reminded me of a shandy - lots of lemon but then you get that wheat flavor and the earthy funk in the middle and, of course, a very dry finish.

Traditionally a Berlinerweise is served with the option of either woodruff or raspberry syrup, which cuts the sour characteristic.  I think this beer stands on its own nicely but would be curious how the woodruff would change it.

Round Guys Brewing Company is very new and based in Lansdale (PA).  Per their blog, they just got on tap at Capone's in mid-April and the brewery either just opened to the public or is about to. Perhaps a road trip to Lansdale is in our future.  Cheers!

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