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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beer 143: Kona Longboard and The Things I Do for You People

It appears that I'm not actually dying, I just have the flu or a cold or whatever.  I am a terrible sick person.  Thankfully I tend to be relatively healthy.  I credit eating most of my weekend meals in a parking lot in the fall with my hardiness.  I also want to be reincarnated as a dachshund in my next life.  This was the most taxing part of their day -- figuring out where exactly to lay in the sun.

Tonight I'm drinking a Kona Longboard Island Lager.  It poured a clear and deep gold color with a thin white head.  The scent was general beer aroma.  The flavor is typical lager with just a touch more hoppiness than usual.  Maybe some wheat.  It has a bitter finish.  Overall I'd call it a refreshing lager.  I'd definitely serve it at a tailgate if the price was right.  I'll have to check with my money man on that.

I'm also declaring an end to this sickness in the overnight hours.  There is good beer to be drunk in this house and tomorrow I'm drinking it goddamnit.

p.s. If this post makes zero sense, please learn a lesson.  Do not mix cold medications and then drink a beer.  Or if you do, don't broadcast it to the world.  

p.p.s. Happy birthday, Gary!  You have no idea how happy you make me.  And that's not the cold medicine talking!  Love you!

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