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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Beer 168: Wolaver's and Meat in the Air

This is a dog who smells barbecue. He's been trotting back and forth across the deck, nostrils flaring, trying to figure out where the grill smell is coming from. Then he dropped a turd that could peel paint off the house. I guess that's payback for serving kibble and not grilled steak for dinner.

Today I'm drinking a Wildflower Wheat from Wolaver's Fine Organic Ales. Wolaver's merged with Otter Creek Brewing Company back in 1997 so I guess I inadvertently crossed two breweries off my list today.

The Wildflower Wheat poured a hazy deep gold with a small white head. It smells of wheat and malt. It's brewed with pure organic Vermont honey and chamomile and approved USDA organic if you're into that sort of thing.

There are hints of honey in the taste along with a smooth malt and wheat flavor and a bit of lemon. It drinks cleaner and crisper than a hefeweizen. I'll give it a very good rating, but not top 25.


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