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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Of Leopards and Supersonic Jets

 Beer #151 Liopard Oir / Lavery Brewing Company, Erie, PA

Spent every free minute at work today (all six of them) working to book hotels for our upcoming vacation.  Found a sweet, sweet deal on a resort undergoing renovations and offering cut rate prices to keep guests there.  Considering that I only plan to sleep & shower in the room and spend the rest of the time at the beach, eating fish tacos, or relaxing at brew pubs, renovations to the lobby and whatever else they're fixing are irrelevant to me.  Thanks, internet!

With dreams of summer in mind, tonight's farmhouse ale comes from another Pennsylvania brewery, Lavery.  Was expecting good things from this beer the minute I read it was brewed with brettanomyces, and it didn't disappoint.  Poured a clear, effervescent gold with a wispy white head.  On the nose, you get subtle aromas of yeast and lemon, and from the first sip you can pick up flavors of lemon, bread, grass, and a mellow spice finish, and the brett adds a nice crisp tartness.  Very good beer, particularly for summer.

I know you've all been dazzled by my ability to learn & speak Dutch, but I'll throw some Irish out there for you as well, as this beer translates from the Irish words for "gold leopard."  Would love to get another bottle to let it age in the cellar, but sometimes beer is tasty and I can't delay gratification, so aging a few bottles is not likely to happen.  Lavery is another relative newcomer on the scene, opening their doors in 2009.  Best thing ever to come out of Erie?  As I don't know of many other things to come out of Erie, I'll go ahead and declare "yes."

Thing to Think About Today:
While this brewery is from Erie, the name is Irish, and if we're thinking Irish it's about time you all started thinking about a fantastic band out of Ireland.  No, not U2.  I'm talking about Bell X1.  No, not the supersonic jet, the super awesome band named after said supersonic jet.  This band sounds like the mellow love child of the Talking Heads, which is good as I'm an enormous Talking Heads fan.  Smart lyrics, soulful message, catchy songs.  Don't take my word for it, check out their album Blue Lights on the Runway, and this song, The Great Defector:

"I love the way your underwire bra/always sets off that x-ray machine"

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