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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beer 145: Saison Dupont

Oh, I'm bringing sexy back alright.  If mouth-breathing is sexy.  It's day four and I'm still sick as a dog.  Woof.  Actual drugs aren't working so I'm resorting to home remedies.  Gargling with salt water, hot and sour soup, copious amount of Vitamin C and a hot toddy before.  At the very least I'll taste my dinner and go to bed tipsy.  I suppose I'll take what I can get.

Since my smell and taste are still are sorts of jacked up, I'm opting for a known beer tonight.  Saison Dupont.  

Saison Dupont is my go to farmhouse ale.  It pours a golden amber hue with a full white head.  It's smell is yeast and a grassy earthiness.  The taste is a little funky, full of citrus and spiciness.  It finishes with a solid bite.  It also has a dry finish which makes it quite drinkable.  

Given my affinity for Saison Dupont throughout recent years, I'd be remiss not to add it to my Top 25.  Cheers!

p.s.  I totally forgot to take a picture but now my beer is gone...sorry.

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