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Monday, May 21, 2012

Beer 163: Tommyknocker Saison

Vacation is an evil temptress. That is all.

In anticipation of this year's vacation, I'm harkening back to the past two summers and fantastically relaxing vacations spent high in the mountains of Colorado. Colorado is a land of awesome scenery and amazing craft brews.

One of my favorite breweries out there has to be Tommyknocker Brewery. Located in a tiny, blink and you miss it town of Idaho Springs, it serves up some fantastic beer. It also serves one of the best samplers I've ever encountered. (I'm looking at you, west coast!)

The Nice Saison is indeed nice. It pours a light shade of amber, lots of carbonation but no head. The aroma is just a bit funky -- not strong at all. It's citrus and bright, tart and tangy...I'd call it a gateway Saison.

What else do I like from Tommyknocker? The Butthead Bock, Imperial Nut Brown Ale, Tundraberry...pretty much everything. Ok, not their IPA. But everything else is awesome. Their kitchen also makes a burrito bigger than my head but sadly I don't have a photo of that.

Until tomorrow, when I'm one day closer to vacation...cheers

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