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Monday, May 14, 2012

Beer 156: Hopfenstark and Insanity

The Army of Dachshunds were in for a tune up today and I was assigned for pick up duties. They've come to despise sitting next to each other in the car. Unfortunately for them, I drive a Mini Cooper so their options were limited for seating. Salinger spent the 2.5 mile trip home jawing at Picasso. Not a problem when he keeps it to a low rumble but full-on barking in a Mini Cooper is deafening. When reasoning with them didn't work, I found myself barking at them in an even more obnoxious manner than they were behaving. The surprise effect of the human barking quieted them down momentarily.

Then it happened. Picasso sat on Sal and the barking started again. Without any hesitation, I looked over at them and threatened to pull the car over.

*I turned into my father.*

Just like that.


I'm not sure what Canada has to do with insanity...ok maybe it's Canadians' willingness to live in that environment...but tonight I'm drinnking a Canadian Belgian pale ale. The Hopfenstark Ostalgia blond.

It poured with a crazy thick white head that left a fun "iceberg" of foam in the glass and significant lacing as I made my way to the bottom of the glass. It poured a hazy yellow-amber color. Carbonation was very evident with lots of bubbly activity in the glass.

The scent was yeast and malt and fruit. The flavor was grassy, fresh and herbal with candy sugar notes. It finished with an expected spice. Overall it was quite satisfying.


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