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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beer 173: Organic Real Ale

What is with the label on this beer??? It's like they don't want me to consider buying it with that bizarre drawing on the label! A little online research proved that there are non-creep bottles, which leads to the question of why would you add the creep?!?

Anyway the Laverstoke Park Farm real ale is certified organic and weighs in at 5% ABV. It pours a brown tinged amber color with minimal head. It smells of beer - no distinct scents.

It tastes like beer. Beer I could get anywhere. Beer that I'm not going to remember. It is a bit too watery for me. It definitely has a light caramel sweetness from the crystal malt -- the label told me so and I'm affirming that statement. I'm also noticing honey.

I guess if this beer was free, it would be fine. But it wasn't and it's not.

Ah win some and lose some when you're trying this much new beer! Cheers!

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