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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beer 159: Timmermans Framboise

And with the close of the business day, I've realized that the post-April events lull is over.  Not just over.  Taken out back and had the crap kicked out of it. Or maybe that's just the way I feel.  Oy.


Today we're drinking a Timmermans Framboise Lambic.

Sidebar: I am a crazy person. Not quite 24 hours ago, I declare raspberry to be the worst fruit flavor on earth.  About 23 1/2 hours ago, I opened a raspberry honey ale.  Now I'm reviewing a raspberry lambic.  Honestly I couldn't even begin to guess what is wrong with me.

Anyway Timmermans falls under the umbrella of Martin's Finest Beer Selection. Joining Timmermans are Magner's, Guiness and Red Stripe.  While I haven't yet reviewed any of those beers, I'm going to rule them still eligible for blog review since they are all originally their own brewery with long histories and maintain their own labels, marketing, etc.

This framboise lambic was poured into my Petrus glass. It's a reddish brown beverage with an ever-so-slightly pink head. The scent reminds me of raspberry yogurt -- fruit and a slight sourness. The flavor is sweet and tart and strong on raspberry. Slightly sour raspberries are clearly the way for the raspberry to win my love.


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