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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Clowns? Dammit.

Day #526 Clementine / Clown Shoes Beer, Ipswich, MA
Previously from this brewery: Vampire Slayer and the awfully named Muffin Top

It's a dull, dreary day outside, and that's not making me motivated to go to work tomorrow.  I refuse on principle to talk about work on this website, but I've been struggling lately with the notion that I don't know what I do for a living.  Allegedly, I find out on Monday.... maybe that's good.  Or, you know, not.  We'll see. Apologies for being cryptic, but that's how it goes.

With that bit of news looming on the horizon, let's just shut it down and get into a beer review.  Today's offering is a bottle of Clementine from the dubiously named Clown Shoes Beer.  In the glass, you see a dull gold color, with a lingering thin head.  There is an aroma of fruit and yeast, and when you take a sip, you get plenty of wheat, oranges, and some spice, with very little bitterness.  Very good beer for summer, when you want something with a nice citrus or fruit profile.  Although, this beer has a way to go to catch up to champion summer fruit beer, the Hell or High Watermelon from 21st Amendment.
The last time I drank a beer from Clown Shoes, I ranted about the terrible name of the brewery.  This is still true; clowns are the worst.

Thing to Think About Today:
I have no intention of writing about clowns, but I can get behind shoes, I suppose. I mean, I wear them and everything.  They keep my feet warm.  So, on a quiet, lazy day, I will share with you a fantastic song for quiet, lazy days while we think about shoes.  Paul Simon, the afternoon belongs to you and Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes.

"And then she slipped into my pocket with my car keys"

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