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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Free to a Good Home

Day #521 Rapunzel / Free Will Brewing Company, Perkasie, PA
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Dipping my toe into a scary new frontier today: sunglasses that don't cost $10 or less.  For years, I've preferred shades that were as cheap as humanly possible, as I have a bad habit of dropping them, sitting on them, misplacing them, and all around generally abusing them.  My rationale is, "hey, no big deal - they were only $8!"  Today, I'm changing that and potentially spending some money (not an exorbitant amount) to get a decent pair that won't look like I stole them from a crack addict.  Maybe.  I'll keep you posted....

Today's beer is a bottle of Rapunzel, a hoppy rye saison from local brewer Free Will.  hazy dark yellow with a quickly dissipating head.  The aroma is earthy, and a little bit funky (in a good way).  The taste is dry, with an undercurrent of piney hops, cracker, light citrus, and bread.  This beer is flavorful, but a little too dry and not enough pepper for me to put it up against my all time favorite saisons.  Regardless, this is still a solid choice as the weather gets warmer.  Flavorful and enjoyable.  Cheers!
My one complaint?  Breweries should be able to keep their web pages updated to the point where beer they're bottling and shipping for sale actually appear on their page.  Rapunzel is nowhere to be found on their site, so I can't tell you why it's named Rapunzel.  Perhaps I will visit you some day, Free Will.  Perhaps.

Thing to Think About Today:
In the spirit of Free Will and a beer built for summer, I give you Tom Petty and Free Fallin', a song built for summer.  Until we meet again, dear friends....

"She's a good girl, crazy 'bout Elvis / she loves horses, and her boyfriend, too"

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