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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sunshine, Suds, and Smart Phones

Day #511 Karnival Kolsch / Stoudt's Brewing Company, Reading, PA
Previously from this brewery: Scarlet Lady and Revel Red

It's a glorious, beautiful, sunny and warm day here in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  Therefore, I'm debating how much I should type, as (1) I'd rather be outside and (2) are you going to read this if you're spending the day outside enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer?  Although, you all have smart phones, so I suppose you can sit and read this while you enjoy the warm rays of the sun on your face.  I sometimes get yelled at because I spend a fair amount of time looking at my phone.  I can't help it... good things live there.

And once I hit the 'publish' button, this beer review will live in the internet (and your phone!) as well.  Up today is a pint of Karnival Kolsch from Stoudt's, which I had on draft at a work happy hour last night.  As you might expect from a kolsch, this beer has a clear pale gold color, and a nice bit of white head.  There are aromas of grass, yeast, and grains, and balanced flavors of hops and malt, with some lemon and earthy notes in there as well.  Very refreshing, very easy drinking... great beer to sip while you're sitting outside, reading this post....
Happy hour!
Second kolsch beer in a week, as I recently had the Kolsch from Lancaster Brewing Company as well.  Both excellent choices when you're in the market for something lighter yet flavorful.  If you're driving down the Pennsylvania Turnpike near Reading, you'll see signs for Stoudt's.  You should take their advice and stop in for a beer.

Thing to Think About Today:
Are you outside?  If not, let me paint you a musical picture of a sunny afternoon.  No, I mean it - Tom Jones signing Sunny Afternoon.   Yes, there's a minute of talking before the musics starts.  But seriously, relax and enjoy the weather and don't worry about things like when the music will start.  Enjoy!

" My girlfriends run off with my car / And gone back to her ma and pa"

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