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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Early Start

Day #518 Le Canard / The Brewer's Art, Baltimore, MD
Previously from this brewery: Resurrection and more Resurrection, the first posts ever on this site, and Green Peppercorn Tripel, used to represent Bal'mer in my Super Bowl showdown.

A rainy Saturday here means I'm up early and writing.  Would rather be sitting by the pool with my feet up, enjoying some quiet time, but we can't always get what we want.  Busy day today with driving, a birthday party, and an early Mother's Day celebration, so I'll get right down to business.

Business today means a review of Le Canard from The Brewer's Art, a restaurant in Baltimore that also brews some outstanding beers.  This Belgian pours with a clear amber and lingering white head.  There's a pleasant aroma of sweet malt and honey, and the taste brings you tons of candi sugar, malt, bread, and caramel.  This beer is potent at 8.5% ABV, but you don't really notice the alcohol in there.  An excellent beer, particularly for a rainy Saturday spent not anywhere near a pool.
Bad picture/good beer
If you're not bilingual, then you may not be aware that the French word 'canard' translates to 'duck' in English.  Like I just said - seeing how ducks like the rain, this beer is perfect for a rainy day!

Thing to Think About Today:
As many of you know, I enjoy an eclectic mix of music. I don't know where I find half of the songs I listen to, they sort of just show up and next thing you know I have something unusual or interesting or strange to enjoy.  And when I say I have no idea how this particular song managed to find itself in my collection, I mean it.  With a beer from Baltimore in mind, I give you Scott Walker covering Lady Came from Baltimore, an old folk song from the 60s.  What can I say, sometimes I listen to some unusual things - that doesn't mean they're not good!

"Lady came from Baltimore / all she wore was lace"

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